Motorized wooden blinds | Bintronic

Motorized wooden blinds are a versatile custom window treatment that can work beautifully in any window, with every decorating style. They also offer superior light control, energy efficiency and noise reduction. They are the ideal window dressing to compliment your home or office.

Motorized Roman Blinds | Bintronic

For textural appeal with visual interest, consider motorized roman blind for your window treatments. Available in a variety of colors and materials, motorized roman blind will instantly add style to your windows and room.

Motorized Drapes - Belt Driven | Bintronic

Motorized drapes offer great versatility.It can suit for most of decor requiring a functional and elegant window treatment solution. The innovative technology brings customers a reliable, affordable, and user-friendly product, for home or business environments.

Motorized Sheer Horizontal Blinds | Bintronic

Motorized sheer horizontal blinds are made up of two layers of sheer fabric that enclose adjustable fabric vanes(slats), which cuts out direct sunlight but still allows visibility to the outside. You can control how much visibility you have to the outside by opening or closing the vanes. They are add contemporary elegance to any room and are available in both light filtering and room darkening models.

Motorized Skylight Blinds | Bintronic

Motorized skylight blinds are specially designed window coverings that are used to block sunlight from entering a space via a skylight. They save you money by lowering your heating and energy costs.

Motorized Panel Tracks | Bintronic

Openness factor of blocks out most light and UV rays, reduces glare and gives excellent privacy. Motorized panel tracks give you functionality and the freedom to create inspired designs for your windows, doors and room dividers.

Motorized string curtain with LED | Bintronic