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※ The day/night cellular shade is two shades in one

Motorized day and night cellular shades are actually two shades in one. Use the light-filtering shade during the day when you want to partially screen out light; use the room-darkening half of the shade at night when you want to completely block out light for sleeping and privacy. Either one can be set in any position for maximum flexibility. This product is ideal for windows with direct sunlight or ones that face neighbors or streets.

1. Day and night cellular shades are useful when you want a light filtering cellular shade during the day and a blackout privacy shade at night.
2. Combine two separate cellular shades into one functioning shade.
3. Room Darkening & light filtering sections operate independently.
4. Let natural light into the room while maintaining privacy.
5. Electronic programming limits via transmitter
6. Integrated with home automation system.
7. Built-in dry contact closure interface for direct connection to Automation or Smart Home System.
8. Designed with reliability and safety - 24V DC transformer.

Technical Data:
* Working Voltage: DC 24V, 1A
* Radio Frequency: 433.92MHz, ASK
* Load Capacity: 4kgs
* Max. Size: 2.42mW x 4mH
* Fabric width:25mm & 36mm
* Remote range: 30m
* Power: AC110 - 240V, 50-60Hz

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